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How long are you planning on riding in eastern Turkey? I'm not so sure you need anything unusually robust. Have you done some research to find out what the roads are like? crazyguyonabike.com would be a good resource for that. I've toured in a bunch of developing countries and the only times when something happened to make my bike unrideable, I was in a developed country. The roads in many developing countries are often a lot better than you might expect, and Turkey isn't among the poorest countries on the planet. However wealth and road quality don't always have a strict correlation. I haven't been to Turkey, but the roads I biked on in Laos were mostly excellent. In Sri Lanka they varied from good to awful. Thailand's roads were quite good. Costa Rica's roads were often pretty bad.

As for buying a bike in western Europe, in the past prices were usually more expensive there than in the US. Yeah the Euro has lost some value in recent months, but it's still worth substantially more versus the US$ than it was 7 or 8 years ago. Value-Added Taxes add quite a bit to the prices in many european countries.
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