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Just fine, thanks! Every once in a while I have a bad day where I feel like such a skinny shrimp. But then I think of how the girls in my dance company complain about their bodies, and I think they're absolutely beautiful! I can't see what they're complaining about, so I figure it must appear that way when I complain. When I look at other people, I can never see what it is they hate about their bodies.

I like my long legs, wish I had massive muscles in them, but oh well! They're very strong and defined from years of dance, however thin. Don't like my long skinny arms, even if they are defined. I called myself 'monkey arms' until this girl I dance with in college said HEY! My arms are even longer. You callin' ME monkey arms?? She looked fine to me, so I guess my arms must not look as bad as I think. I still think it's funny to make monkey faces in the mirror!!!

I like my 'middle'. I've worked very hard on it because my mom always had a hard time with her rear end/stomach. She's as skinny as I am but has a rolly tummy. She says it's my fault

I hated my face until I was about 15 years old and finally saw a picture of myself that I liked. I had chubby cheeks (*I* thought) and huge eyes. I finally grew into the eyes and kids stopped making fun of me and started telling me how they wished they had my big eyes. No more 'ET'. Thanks so much, Steven Spielburg, for making that character. Otherwise, what would other children have called me when I was little???

Overall I always feel good about myself because of what I mentioned in the first paragraph. My body is what it is. As long as I keep it moving and strong, I'm happy!
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