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Yep, just to reiterate, some tape is sticky and some is just "tacky" meaning it kind of sort of has a sticky feel but it's non-adhesive. I hate adhesive sticky tape and I hated having to clean my bars after removing some of that stuff when I got my bike.

If yours has come loose multiple times, it's time to just give up and replace it. Try to talk your LBS into replacing it free if you bought the bike there and you keep bringing it back to be retightened. You might get lucky. Otherwise you can get decent tape for $10 on sale sometimes and it's really easy to do yourself. Check out the Park link someone else already posted. Or Google "handlebar grip tape" and you'll find some videos. Like someone else said if you get non-adhesive tape you can redo it multiple times yourself no problem if you need to, but once you get it right it should be fine for hundreds of miles.

Oh, personally I'm currently using Performance's Forte brand gel tape. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I have a couple boxes of Planet Bike tape I haven't ever opened becuase the cheap Forte tape is still holding up fine. My bike came with some kind of Bontrager sticky tape and I hated it.
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