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I'm wondering if you're riding on the tops (the flat part of the bar) and rotating your hands excessively. When you get to the top of the bars, you have a choice - tape so that it tightens when you twist towards yourself (like revving a motorcycle), or when you twist away. If you are doing the opposite of the way it is taped, or both, then it is going to come undone quicker. Ultimate solution - go to the shop, buy some new tape, and point out your situation and ask nicely if they'd mind having the best tape guy retape your bars. That was you split the cost - at our shop tape is $15, taping is $12 - and you get it done as well as possible with an eye towards avoiding the problem you're having. I'd also suggest Fizik, just make sure to get the microtex or dual:tape, not the soft touch microtex. Lizard skin is also great stuff, though expensive. Even the bontrager cork stuff that comes stock on the bike wears well when installed properly - i'm just not a fan of the slimy effect sweat has on cork tape. Like others have said, tight is the key. But tight means less cushion, and less cushion makes the bars less appealing on the salesroom floor. Just tell the mechanic you want tight. If you want more cushion, do that with either gloves or some of those pads under the tape.
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