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Upgrades on Allez

I bought an 05 allez the year it came out and have been riding it stock ever since. Although I always rode a decent amount, I have been riding quite a bit latley and am starting to feel that my bike has some limitations. I recently decided to pick up a set of new wheels and have my mind made up on the Neuvation R28. I can get a deal on them for about 220-300 for a front and back wheel.

Down the road, what is the next thing to upgrade? My main concerns are (in no particular order) 1) weight, 2) comfort, and 3) performance increase.

The bike fit for me is pretty good. My stem is a tad long, but with it flipped it actually fits pretty nicely. It is comfortable, but my saddle leaves a little bit to be desired. The handeling is mediocre and leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully the new wheels help with this (my wheels do flex quite a bit). The bike is also pretty heavy.

I was thinking about searching ebay/craigslist/my lbs for an older S1 or Caad9 frame, and switching over the components from my allez/selling the frame. I think going for a high quality aluminum frame over a mid level carbon frame would be the better option.

BUT, I am looking for other options, so what would you upgrade (after the wheels), and why?
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