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Originally Posted by cyclotoine View Post
what no 6700 crank and is that a 6600 rd? Still stuck on the vintage stuff or what!?

But seriously... stunning! and impressive photography skills!
It's a 6600 crank because I think the 6700 is ugly. And the RD is a DA 7700 for the same reason. When I bought the group I read up on where the real performance improvements were made and it was really only in the shifters, brakes and FD.

very nice looking. say, a friend of mine has a purple and whilte rb1 that says synergy on the top tube. it has a crazy mix of parts and he says that it isnt as good of quality as some he has seen. he kind of wants to sell it to me but i was wondering if there were "inferior" rb1s made? thanks. sorry for the slight side track
I only have experience with the 93 and 94 RB-1's so I can't speak for the ride quality of others. I know that the 93 and 94 have a significantly different fork from other years but I think the Ishiwata steel tubeset is the same throughout.
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