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Originally Posted by valygrl View Post
You are right about the white pedestals, see if they are assembled all the way. They do need to go towards the center of the case, and they fit pretty tight.

Adventure Cycling has an article about how to pack a bike that could help.

I would reinforce the strapping on the bottom (wheel edge) of the case with a bunch of layers of duct tape, mine wore through from scraping on the ground.

Not sure what I was doing wrong. Maybe they were not compressed on I had one sitting on something and did not notice but you are right. They fit.

It must me a challenge to get everthing to fit in the case and then place those pedestals. What do you do with the foam? I suppose you punch a hole where a pedestal is placed?

Thanks for the link but that link covers placing the bike in a regular cardboard box. It would be nice to see details on the Team case.

BTW I got everything to fit.

Here is what I did.
  1. Removed seat post, handlebars, pedals, fork and wheels.
  2. Place foam in first layer.
  3. Placed rear wheel on foam.
  4. Placed foam layer.
  5. Placed frame, seat post, handlebars and fork om foam.
  6. Placed a foam layer.
  7. Place front wheel on foam.
  8. Place a foam layer on foam.

In real life I will wrap the frame in bubble pack or maybe pipe insulation.

Does this sound like a good pack method?

I did not use the straps to try and strap the wheel into the top lid. Seems like that would be difficult to manage. I might use the straps in the lower section or maybe I wil just tape them up and not use them. One less thing for TSA to worry about.

Thanks for the tip on the duct tape. I will add that. I am also going to add extra straps. That existing strap does not go all the way around the bottom of the case and it should. I really don't like the looks of those hinges, I could see them bursting. If the strap went all the way around, it could take some stree from the hinges and help to save the day should they burst.
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