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Originally Posted by valygrl View Post
I wish I had a picture.

I didn't remove my fork, just took the HB off by removing the faceplate on the stem. Removed pedals, wheels, rear derailleur - didn't remove the cable, just took it off the hanger and wrapped it in bubble wrap, since w/o the rear wheel it sticks out and is in danger of getting damaged.

I put the frame down, jimmied the handlebars around the top tube, and put some bubble wrap around the shift levers to protect them. the wheels went on the top side under the strap.

The white pedestals were hard to install, I put the disc down, then stuck the post into it, and aligned the other disc behind teh wheels, and then somehow got it all together as I closed it. I think I only had one of those pedastal thingies.

Also, go to a bike shop and get fork blocks (front & rear) to put in your dropouts, that protects the frame from compression. They should give you those free, they come with every bike they build up, so they should have a gazillion of them lying around.

Put all the parts you took off into a ziplock bag and tape it to the frame or something. Anything loose in the case is in danger of not getting back in there after TSA looks at it, so make sure everything is attached to the bike.

Take your time with bubble wrap and cardboard to protect the bike from rubbing against other stuff in the box. I don't have paint, but if you do, you might want to cardboard or foam wrap the painted tubes, a couple of hours of vibration of the frame against the seatpost or whatever can rub a hole in the paint.

It was a pretty lengthy operation, I have to admit.

I would bet you are a bit shorter that me, I am 6' 1". I ride a pretty large frame. It just fits with the fork off. Maybe a 2-3 inches to spare but not much more. The original owner said he did not take the fork off either but he could not have been more than 5'6" or 7".

I might try spinning the bike around the other with the fork near the wider part of the case but I will bet I will still need to remove it,

I pretty much have the packing basics covered. I have done a number of trips in a cardboard box.

Good point on the RD. I was looking at that too. I might remove it too.

You were able to get both wheels on top? It did not work for me but then maybe if I flip the frame around????

Did you punch hoes in your foam pieces for the pedestal?
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