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Originally Posted by valygrl View Post
ITake your time with bubble wrap and cardboard to protect the bike from rubbing against other stuff in the box. I don't have paint, but if you do, you might want to cardboard or foam wrap the painted tubes, a couple of hours of vibration of the frame against the seatpost or whatever can rub a hole in the paint.
Absolutely. In the 90s I had an old HardCase from performance. I put old cycling socks between the straps and the frame to protect the paint. Well....One of the socks worked it its way free just in time for a bumpy, 9 hr. flight back from Italy. The Velcro of the strap rubbed a good sized spot of paint off my frame. Fortunately, it was on the back of the seat tube so it wasn't super visible, but I knew it was there. I know use foam tubes to protect paint.
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