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Originally Posted by BigGunZ
Thanx. I'm getting a full susp. rig around the end of May. I'm leaning heavily towards a Cannondale Gemini 2000 but I'm starting to see a few other rigs on this forum that look interesting as well (I knew I souuldn't have come here). It's a bit tough to find a good turn-key Free Ride bike that doesn't have some sort of compromise involved in it's design and I really don't have the free time to search for parts and build up a Frame.

I looked at a Prophet and loved it but Ive read some harsh stuff about it.
Although Mountain Bike Action is sort of Lamo and onesided their MTB Buyers
Guide is some stuff to salivate over.
I thought the fork on MY P2 was to numb at first too, cuz my last MTB, a Technium
Raliegh was a stiffy and I loved it but after a few big / unintentional drops and hits on
my trails the soft Marzzochi fork is growing on me which Im sure yours will too....
Now you will be able to partake of the every-other-day "Rockhopper Vs. Stumpjumper"
threads !!
Good luck on the freeride search !
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