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Originally Posted by 2Rodies
So I just purchased a used PTP for $450.00.
Open Pro wheel
two bike kits
New computer (warrentee replacement)
All software etc.

I plan on buying a 28 hole hub only and building up a set of race wheels. All in all I should still be under buying a brand new one with only one set of wheels.
That's a good price. Enjoy

To follow up on my SL complaint earlier in this thread -
Graber/PowerTap has followed up with me on my SL and it appears there have been enough failures that they're holding off on "fixing" the hubs and on new production until they have all the issues worked out.

To soften the blow, they've sent me a new PT-Pro loaner wheel to use until my SL is back up and running. Even with the disappointment of having my SL die, that is really good customer service IMO. Kudos to Graber for stepping up.

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