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Driving on the left?

In my city, two bicyclists have been killed in traffic accidents over the weekend. This brings to mind a question I have had for years.

When driving a car, one of the most tense moments is when I pass a bike. I do not know if the rider knows I'm there and worry that he/she may veer farther into the lane without warning. It also seems to take a long time to pass a bike because we're both going the same way. It's even worse on narrow two lane roads.

As a child, I was taught to walk on the left side of the street so I could face oncoming traffic and see what was happening. This seems to me to also be a safer way to ride a bike. The eye contact between the two drivers would make everyone safer and they would pass each other and return to normal driving much sooner. Anyone know why this is not considered as a solution to bicycle traffic problems?

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