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For the riding you describe you are better with an MTB than a hybrid. Go to the MTB forum and ask for advice there if you decide to buy a new bike.

Before reaching that stage fit wide tyres on your bike if it hasn't go them already and play with the tyre pressure. Don't take it so low the rubber can touch the rims on a hard bump, but take it as low as you up to that. You will be more comfortable and faster on the type of road you describe. (Un-evened out bumps steal forward speed; a cushiony tyre will reduce this.)

You can also try adding a suspension seat post - these can give you a lot of the advantages of suspension especially when limited travel is need. This model is very cheap and should be effective:


..And if you feel like spending more money, you could consider a Thudbuster post.

Non-joke quality dual suspension MTBs aren't cheap although they are not as expensive as they used to be. Take a look at the MTB faq to get an idea of prices. A cheaper alternative might be an FS 29er MTB with high volume tyres and a suspension seat post. If you buy a DS MTB you will have to maintain it so buy "Zinn's Mountain Bikes" and at least the minimum toolset he recommends.

As for the fit issue, how much standover room do you have? Do you feel cramped on the bike?

For immediate advice on the Pantera's shock go to www.retrobike.co.uk/
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