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Lots of factors here, so it is hard to say what is best for you. The first thing I'd ask is do you really need multi fuel? If so read no further.

If not, I really like the smallish iso-butane stoves if you will either be carrying all your fuel from the start of the tour or touring in an area where it is readily available. My favorite is the MSR Pocket Rocket. Much cheaper and much lighter than the run of the multifuel stoves. This stove is great for simmering.

I also like the home made Pepsi can stoves. At .4 ounces (about one ounce with pot stand) it is very light. The fuel is heavier per btu, but when bike touring you can generally carry a smallish amount and replenish frequently. HEET (yellow bottle, not red) is widely available and comes in a reasonable sized (12 ounce) container that works well. Simmering is not this stoves forte, but it can be managed with a simmer ring and maybe a diffuser.

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