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As to the Tuff being easy to break... not so sure about that. It is actually made from Zytel Nylon, not plastic. They are actually quite, well, "Tuff." I think in some cases they might actually be stronger than a traditional spoke-type wheel. Keep in mind I am referring to the 36 hole rims of yesteryear. A pretty hard sideways landing could potentially buckle a spoked wheel, whereas a Tuff Wheel might flex, but should snap right back. They are pretty stiff.
An interesting story is in order here concerning Tuff Wheels and my racing days. Here you go:
ABA Fall Nationals, Lancaster, CA, 1982. First ever ABA jumping contest. I entered along with a bunch of other riders. I had first for a while, but was passed up by none other than the famous Jeff "Kos" Kosmala. He took first and I ended up third. Not too bad. The interesting part was Jeff's first jump. He flew of the ramp and when he landed he totally blew his back rim. It was a spoker. A kid in the crowd offered to let the Kos use his back wheel so he could finish the contest. The rim he was loaned was, you guessed it, a Tuff Wheel. There is a pretty well known photo that made some of the BMX publications of him in mid-flight with the spoked wheel in the front and the Tuff in the back. One was in the February '83 issue of BMX Action. Hopefully it will be attached below. It also appeared in the ABA monthly newspaper from the opposite side. Me and my racing buddy Rob are in the background.
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