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Originally Posted by Aquakitty View Post
I've got the Primus Omnifuel stove. Only problem with multifuel stoves is if something goes wrong with your fuel container. For instance on one tour I forgot mine and could not get a replacement. It would be a ton easier to just buy a canister stove that can use walmart canisters...unless you truly need a multifuel stove... which most of us in north america dont.
I generally agree with that, but...

One thing that I did not stress enough is that the canister fuel is not always frequently available on route. The notion that all Walmarts have them is just not true. On the TA we stopped at every likely store from Pueblo eastward and didn't see a canister for our Pocket Rocket until near the Kentucky Virginia line and that was in a church "take what you need" pantry for cyclists staying there.

Then when planning for the Sierra Cascades trip I assumed that being near the PCT fuel would be pretty available. Still we decided to take a pepsi can stove as a backup. It was a good thing we did because we didn't run into canisters until Yosemite on day 20 of the trip. Granted we never saw a Walmart on this section of the trip.

Now unless I know I will have canister fuel or am willing to not cook if I don't find some, the Pepsi can goes along as a spare. That isn't bad though because the Pocket Rocket weighs about 3 ounces, the Pepsi can stove weighs about an ounce including the pot stand, and the wind screen that I use for both weighs about an ounce. So for a total of about 5 ounces I have two stoves and the ability to find fuel just about any where.

Another option is use general delivery to ship or have someone else ship isobutane fuel to yourself on the road via ground mail (domestic mail only). The package must have the following label attached on the address side of the package:
"Surface Mail Only
Consumer commodity

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