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Originally Posted by gregw View Post
Sort of the polar opposite of the high-tech, extra cool packafeather is the super cat stove, my personal choice. 46 cents plus a homemade wind screen. I prefer it to the pop-can stoves that need a separate pot stand to hold the pot up above the flame. Like Staehpj1 said in an earlier post, the yellow cans of Heet are available at most gas stations, in a nice 12oz container.
Everything you could ever want to know about the cat stove, and more, and then even more, and then stuff you really didn't want to know, is here. http://jwbasecamp.com/Articles/SuperCat/index.html
the beauty of the multitude of aluminum can stoves is that once you've made one or two, its another skill you've learned
its another item that you don't have to carry
(if you prefer)

I just did 1000 miles in 7 days on the TDR, Banff to Butte
no stove

obviously stoves are a degree of comfort
I'd dare to ask if they are connivence

but I do understand the need/desire to have one.

I love the Kifaruproducts that I always tour with.
ranging from the ParaTarp and Parka
to a 4 or 8 man tipi complete with wood burning stove

obviously the tipis are like a studio apartment
complete with heater, and of course you can cook on those stoves
they just use any kind of deadfall you can scrounge up

even the ParaTarp accepts a small stove.

as of last year, I've been more focused on less weight on the bike, and more riding
or at least focusing on minimizing the items I'd carry and use everything

just like everything else, stoves fall into that category of modular use vs route
maybe the route necessitates a stove

I've done some outdoor "hobo-esq" living with the tipi and living on the cheap, where I'd sent up camp and stay at least 2 days, cooking, tea, a book or two, etc...
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