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Originally Posted by ClemY View Post
I like the Optimus Nova. It burns white gas or diesel fuel. I typically fly to my starting point, hit a store like REI, pick up a gallon of Coleman fuel and fill up my fuel bottles.
There are other good ones, too. The MSR stoves like the XGK EX come to mind. One reason I like the Nova is the metal pump. MSR uses plastic pumps.

This stove rocks, seriously. I carried one for years in the army and it will burn anything, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, you could even pee in the tank after a three day bender and it would burn.
Its really tough too, takes a lot of abuse and keeps going. There are several other similar stoves on the market, MSR XGK (fantastic but not as much flame control, basically a blowtorch) MSR Whisperlite International (what I currently have, only burns kerosene and white gas and gasoline I think. I only use white gas now so can't remember). They are really good but a little tempremental.
While I prefer canister stoves for going lightweight, if you are going to remote areas you can't beat a liquid fuel stove. Most regular white gas stoves will burn anything flammable, just jam up a lot.
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