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Originally Posted by benajah View Post
I like a lot of the Kifaru stuff too, a lot, only most of it is just crazy expensive. I have coveted one of those 4 man tipis and a small parastove for years just cant justify 1000 for a wilderness shelter and stove.
I totally understand:

I once made a "lean to" type shelter for a hobo using his blue tarp
then scrounged some rocks, made a reflection stove and started a fire, just about under the tarp

the key was to configure the rocks into an "oven" of sorts, with a chimney and use a big rock for a door to control the draw
(think woodburning pizza oven)
and to purposely make the pile of rocks, with its small oven (firebox) to size where a fire would not be huge, but big enough to heat rocks
without smoke and to place a metal bowl upon and cook food.

while the Kifaru stuff is great
and believe me... I mean this stuff ROCKS!

it is representative of a technique
the technique does not necessarily require to purchase high dollar equipment

to a degree, its enough to simply utilize those methods

tipi, wood burning stove... think plains indians

rocks and sticks
HEET and soda cans
plastic bags out of the bottom of trash cans
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