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I came as close as I ever want to be on Green Valley yesterday. Going west on Green Valley, about 1/2 mile before Natomas, I heard honking behind me. I then felt a car come alongside me, probably 3' in the bike lane and about 12" from me. The car behind him was honking to either 1. make me aware of a problem, or 2. get the person's attention that they were about to hit me. I came out really lucky. They guy went back into the lane, than drifted again into the bike lane. Didn't really affect me until a few seconds later. Then I got the shakes.
A good friend of mine was killed about 10 years ago across from the Purple Pit (or whatever) up the road about 1/2 mile the other way. 2pm in the afternoon and killed by a drunk secretary. Left 3 kids.
I was VERY lucky.
Be careful all of you riders.
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