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Five pages in, and still no picture of the OP's issue. But if what we are talking about here is a crack in the paint where the lugs meet the tubes, this is an old OCLV problem that goes back to the mid 90's. I remember that as my 98 5000 got older, those seams just started to show up. I particularly remember the seam on the mono-seatstay above the rear brake was perfectly visible when the frame got older - the whole frame looked seamless when it was new. At the time, I saw lots of other (original round-tube) OCLV bikes with similar issues.

Eventually, my 5000 developed an issue where the aluminum sleeve for the BB separated from the carbon frame itself, and Trek sent me a 2003 5500 frameset as a replacement. I still have that bike, and honestly the paint on it looks like hell. It seems like it scratches if you just look at it. But considering it was a free replacement for a bike I got in the 90's, I can live with a few scratches.

I guess it all just comes down to your expectations. Some people on this thread seem to equate carbon Treks with Mercedes and Lexus. I just never thought of Trek that way - but then again I never laid out $5-6k on one either. I see Trek as a working man's race bike - made for speed and not for looks. Tools not jewels as a friend of mine used to say.

Also, someone on this thread said Project One is a new thing for Trek. I am pretty sure that has been around since the early 2000's. I distinctly remember P1 OCLV's from the pre-Madone days, so P1 has been around long enough for Trek to get the paint right.
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