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Guess I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about - do you currently have a Cannondale road frame that you'll be using for touring or are you thinking of buying a Cannondale touring bike?

In any event, I think they make very good touring bikes, but clearly the touring geometry frames have some advantages. I'd tend to stick with a rack/pannier arrangement rather than a trailer to avoid the extra weight and packing issues. Here's a picture of my '89 Cannondale R900 (close-coupled crit. racing geometry) being used for a fully-loaded bike camping trip down the Calif. coast:

Yes, it has lots of toe-overlap, will only take tires up to 25mm wide, and doesn't have full fender clearance, but it has worked fine on a variety of tours, including some that went off road for awhile. Current mileage is 115,000 and still going strong.
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