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I'm Sure it's no surprise that I am the one doing this documentary. I was very reluctant to add the donation button but my teacher had insisted. thanks to your insight, I will considor it's removal and make my goals clearer for they are broad and I have a more centered vision in my mind. No snarling wild game. But thats hilarious. I will have a white gas and beans and quinoa.
....or a photo of a Visa card and a Best Western. We have made a promise with ourselves to only sleep in what we can provide ourselves with or a pace offered to us by an individual.

My documentary isn't really about the trip is what i believe makes it unique. We just happen to be on the trip while we're filming it. We would like to go to the gulf and help out. and interview as many people as possible along the way to show how not only different we all are but try to expose the similarities between the mortgage broker and the farmer and show how were all in this together. because it sounds over played and very hopeful but i sincerely believe in everyone.

Thank you all so much for your honest criticisms. it is downright dumb to ask people for money for nothing over the internet. That's not part of the message I am broadcasting. Now I want you all to see the power of your input. THANK YOU
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