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Wow okay this is essentially what I have now. I am hoping I can squeeze some 700c 28mm tires on but I don't know. I have no eyelets or Braze-On's for racks I have a rack on it fasted by clamps. It's a aluminum frame that is solid but not made for touring hence I just wanted to know who Cannondale riders liked their bikes. Because I cannot afford to buy now I live on disability and it is a tight budget I am on. But I had read a lot of good things about the Cannondales, but when it comes down too it I would value the opinion of a every day rider who's logged a lot of time on the bike to a reviewer who has one for a day to test. I have a no name frame right now, at least that frame 's name is long gone but I built the bike because the frame was solid and it became charcoal in colour because my buddy who is in autobody was painting a car and used the left over paint and sprayed down my frame LOL it was free and she looked new. but you sit quite high on my current bike, the centre of gravity is very high and I the geometry is so tight I have little room to play with even if I were to modify it.

Guess I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about - do you currently have a Cannondale road frame that you'll be using for touring or are you thinking of buying a Cannondale touring bike?

In any event, I think they make very good touring bikes, but clearly the touring geometry frames have some advantages. I'd tend to stick with a rack/pannier arrangement rather than a trailer to avoid the extra weight and packing issues. Here's a picture of my '89 Cannondale R900 (close-coupled crit. racing geometry) being used for a fully-loaded bike camping trip down the Calif. coast:

Yes, it has lots of toe-overlap, will only take tires up to 25mm wide, and doesn't have full fender clearance, but it has worked fine on a variety of tours, including some that went off road for awhile. Current mileage is 115,000 and still going strong.
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