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State Bicycle Co.


I've been toying with the idea of trading my Boardman Hybrid in for a single speed.

The main reasons being:

Reduced maintainence - I'm tired of having to sort out my gearing, disc brakes, chain rusting due to mainly using it whilst I'm at uni during Winter/Spring when its wet.

Reduced mechanical problems - Chain alignment, gear changes etc.

Cheaper bike - Because the bike hasn't cost me 500 quid I won't be so concerned be AS concerned about looking after it so much. I just want a run around really. Obviously, I love all my bikes though haha.

Wanting to try a new style of bike - Not had one before


Anyway, I'll get to the point. Basically, I've been looking to spend around the �250ish mark. For this kind of money, I'm going to struggle to build my own as I don't have the time to scout for cheap parts and will end up buying expensive stuff from retailers who will force me over budget.

Instead, I've been looking around for complete bikes off eBay.

Whilst doing this I stumbled across Create Bikes. I did some research and have been pretty much warned off of them by anyone who sounds like they know what they're talking about saying they are bad. Perhaps they were talking about their first generation bikes as I know that they have released a mark two line which is said to have improvements. Maybe someone can shed some light on this? Are they actually any good? I see one or two people have had problems on their Facebook page.

Recently, I have noticed that a company called State Bicycles ( are selling very similar bikes. They seem to have had a good response on their Facebook page but apart from that I can't find any reviews. Has anyone had any experience with these bikes? What are they like and how do they compare with Create Bikes'?

Any help is welcome and appreciated.

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