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WIIIIDE tires!

Anyone have any bright ideas on where to get super wide wheels and wide tires? I've found the 'boa' tires from the 20" schwinn chopper on sale, but not the replacement wheels and rims (which are about 4" wide!). However, I'm thinking that I could fit some very wide looking tires on regular rims by lacing two rims together side by side on one hub.

Here is my thought... Take two rims and a hub. Add 2mm to your regular spoke length. Attach the rims side by side temporarily with some tape, with the valve holes aligned. Now, when lacing the wheel send the spokes from the near flange all the way past the first rim, and to the 'far' holes on the second rim. Then send the spokes from the far flange all the way up past the bottom rim, to the 'nearest' holes on the first (top) rim. You'd be alternating holes on each rim, but you'd use all the holes on the hub, and the wheels would be laced together. Then some adhesive on the rims could seal the deal. Getting the thing perfectly true wouldn't be a big deal, because presumably you'd use a coaster brake or roller brake on something like this.

Then you could mount a very wide tire, like a round profile 3" tire, and because the beads would be farther apart (and you'd probably need two tubes), you could get a wide tire with more of a 'motorcycle' profile.

I'm going to give this a try soon, I just need to choose a suitable rear hub...

Any other good tricks for super wide tires?

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