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well I did it...

I went to a local parts shop unrelated to bikes looking for a part for another hobby that was just a bit odd to the counter guy. So I ask him what his hobby was and he hem hawed and finally said bikes. I said good I had been wanting to get a bike and at 6'5 and 270 the hand me downs and salvage bikes were not cutting it. I wanted an american bike- well one as american as they get anyhow. He starts talkin canondale and a mountain bike- I kinda wanted a hybrid to start so we just talked for a while. I haven't had a bike that fit since I was a kid. Anyhow I went to the LBS he uses and asked a bit more and the guy actually told me about a used raleigh m80 that a regular customer of his had for sale. It had new front forks and some other recent upgrades. The dealer said it would be a great starter. I looked at a canondale adventure 400 and ended up with it. For the streets around here I thought it would be a decent start. I never realized how important a good fit was before. Well anyhow I did contact the m-80 owner and bought that bike too. It is a 1996 I believe- in GREAT SHAPE- heck the paint even looks like new- it was also american made ;^) I could not turn it down for 125.00 so I went from zero bikes to two inside of the last two weeks. The guy I bought the used bike from had several others and sold the raleigh because he upgraded to disk brakes on his new MB. He had some nice rides! anyhow I am soon to be as sick as the rest of ya are. I was happy to see the thread on the home made stand I was wondering about that- I can weld about anything up but needed an idea or two on a clamp. So hello and happy riding to you all ! God Bless-paul
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