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Originally Posted by tallpaul I went from zero bikes to two inside of the last two weeks. The guy I bought the used bike from had several others and sold the raleigh because he upgraded to disk brakes on his new MB. He had some nice rides! anyhow I am soon to be as sick as the rest of ya ...
Welcome to the club. Next week you'll have a couple more, then a couple more few weeks after that. It doesn't really end. I have to stay out of the bike shops these days as every time I walk into one I see a couple I want to take home with me. I have the same issue with girls in bars but they aren't as compliant.

Frankly, I think having 2 bikes is a good idea for practical reasons. One bike (usually the more expensive one) can be kept in mint clean condition for fair weather riding and the other a beater bike for commuting and riding in foul weather and other sludge. So 2 bikes doesn't really mean you have OCD just yet. Just keep an eye on it and seek help if needed.

At your weight the only problem I see you having with either of the bikes you described is the wheelsets. I'm 245 and have found that I need a stronger heavier wheelset just for general riding purposes. I don't do any jumps, drops or urban assault as it just sounds too painful at my age. But the stronger wheels are very suiting for heavier riders. Many of the heavier guys here like Sun RynoLite rims. I have a pair but haven't ridden on them yet. They certainly appear to be much sturdier than the stock wheels that came on my Raleigh M60.
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