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Originally Posted by lechatmort View Post
Why would she benefit from tubeless tyres?
They only serve to prevent pinch flats and you make everything harder to replace/repair on the road...
not accurate

I've been running my 29er tubeless for sometime now
I just finished 1,000 miles along the Continental Divide, in the dirt, in 7 days
not a single flat

especially if you use a latex sealant, like Stans
see videos: http://www.notubes.com/support_movies.php
specially: http://www.notubes.com/movie_newdemo.php

once you've worked with it a little bit... its actually easier than using tubes

I know...
its crazy right?

the crazy part is that once you set up the tires, there really is no reason to remove them. More than likely they will always self seal.
personally, I like to rotate my tires, so I take them off every so often, simply break the bead, dump out the sealant, save it, remove tire(s), rotate, or change them...whatever, and add more sealant. you can use the old sealant, no problem.
I have a tendency to go between Vulpines and Nano's

I was using Tubeless on a set of CrossMax with Hutchinson Python UST around 2000, doing 24hr races... etc.
in those days there was no latex sealant
however, even then, I never got a flat, even tho I ran over a roofing nail once. somehow the way the a UST tire is made, the inside of the tire is kind of "goopy" <--- for lack of a better description and it sealed around the hole. Later I did end up patching the "tire", just like patching a tube, but instead you patch the tire from the inside.

now days, I run a set of CrossMax with either WTB Vulpines, or NanoRaptors
the tires are not UST
so I use a latex sealant
at the moment, I'm using Stans
not a single problem

its crazy

if I ever get flats, I don't know, because they simply seal up
its nothing like slime.

I've used Slime a bunch of times, and Tubeless with a latex sealant is much better.

I'm getting ready to try it with a set of WTB Thickslicks on the set of CrossMax that I have.

Specifically; with the Vulpines, I've ran from 20-50psi, no problems

50psi is plenty hard and fast for pavement
20psi in the front, for me, at 170lbs, is a bit squishy, 25psi is better
25-30psi in the rear, lets the tire conform to surfaces. i.e. mtb riding
on gravel roads, it totally rocks!

road bikes are already going tubeless
a bunch of my buddies are running that set up.
I've only seen 1 time when the tire was totally cut, when the latex foam blew all over the place
otherwise, they simply self seal.

I know it sounds crazy
but quite honestly, with latex sealant, there almost is no reason to use inner tubes.

i suppose an issue is rim compatibility
so for instance as set of UST rims, i.e. MAVIC CrossMax wheelset
the rim is smooth on the inside, there are no spoke holes
no rim tape
just use the valve stem that is provided
use a UST tire
or use any MTB tire, probably can use a 32 or 28c road/touring/cx tire if you wanted, and add latex sealant, to seal the tire (casing)

if somehow, you get a huge flat, like this deck screw that went thru a Schwalbe Marathon Cross
simply break the bead, dump out the remaining latex, push out the tubeless valve stem, and replace with tube.

in the case of that huge deck screw, obviously I had to "boot" the carcass. I used a piece of vinyl that I found along side the hwy, as if it was a strip from a freezer warehouse door.
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