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Originally Posted by Garthr View Post
While yes, a 29'er is just a 700c wheel, many 29'er wheels are disc specific, so Aquakitty, you need to be more specific.

Disc or rim brake?

What size of tires are you considering?

What price range?

The question of strong and inexpensive comes up often for wheels. What's inexpensive to one is high to another.

I like fat tires, was thinking of something close to a schwalbe marathon + for on and off road. I will not be using suspension so a little fatter tire is no problem.

Well, this is where it gets confusing. I would like to build my own wheels. I want to do this cheap as possible but within reason (I realise you get what you pay for) So I would have to buy the wheel truing gear as well. I want to do it but might be easier to just get prebuilt and tune them up, or get the LBS to put the pieces together. I do all my own bike mechanical stuff... except for building my own wheel so far.

Originally Posted by AsanaCycles View Post
MAVIC SpeedCity is a great wheelset
I've used a set for about 5yrs

road wheels are not 29er's
road rims are not 29er rims

road wheels, and rims do share the same effective rim diameter as a 29er

the basic difference is rim width

altho, with a set of SpeedCity's I have used plenty of 29er MTB tyres, all the way up to 29x2.35"
and of course you can go down to 23c

here's a decent set for $170

the thing with using a skinny rim with a MTB tire, and running the tire around 25psi, and riding the bike hard, is that there is a chance that the tire will slide/creep on the rim, which usually pulls the valve stem until it rips.

but if you keep the PSI up, and don't run the brakes super hard, the tires will more than likely stay put.

a wider rim (29er rim), will accommodate MTB tires at lower psi without creeping.
but then you trade off being able to use a set of 23c road tires.

Yea, not riding 23c is no issue, I will not likely ever be riding a tire that skinny, if I do it'll be a dedicated road bike.

Originally Posted by AsanaCycles View Post
its a reference to versatility of 29er wheelset

if I recall correctly the OP had stated that she's about 100lbs
if she was doing a paved tour at any point, with a very light load, like using CDW bags... she could get away with 23c tyres, especially i the Conti 4 Season realm.

Ha, the rear of my bike might be 100 lbs Loaded I would be over 200 lbs most likely.
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