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Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake View Post
What is the lowest size tire you can use on a 29'r rim?
the concern is:
tire width vs rim width
in that the tire bead needs to adequately interface with the rim.

for instance on a set of Mavic SpeedCity wheels, the rim is 19mm wide, I've used 23c up to 2.35"
the tire recommendations are 19c to 32c

MAVIC C29ssMax (29er CrossMax), I think the internal rim width is also 19mm... I have a set of WTB ThickSlicks, that I'm about to try out. 700x25c I'm thinking that this skinny of a tire is pushing the limit. I have yet to actually try this. (not recommended)

the widest 29er rim on the market is the Salsa Gordo, which are 35mm wide... probably the skinniest 700c tire I'd try on something like that is 37c... I think that would be pushing the limit tho. You could probably use a set of Freedom Ryder (by WTB) touring tires in 38c

really its dependent on what rim you choose.

as you can tell, I really like WTB and MAVIC.

if you look at the MAVIC website: http://www.mavic.com/mtb/products/xm....323320.2.aspx
in the product description, under dimensions the recommended tire widths are listed.
typically 1.50 to 2.30"

32c = 1.25"
35c = 1.38"
38c = 1.5"
42c = 1.65"
47c = 1.8"
50c = 2.0"
53c = 2.1"

while I seriously advocate paying attention to the MFG recommendations
I also point out that you might be able to use those recommendations as guidelines
you have to make that judgement call, and I suppose that is the part where experience comes in.
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