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I used a Greentyre airless tire for a while. I frankly can't imagine how an airless tire can damage the rim. As long as it is the right size for the rim there is no reason why it would apply unusual stress.

Now, there is a technique for mounting the tire on the rim. I sat and watched the guy at the strore practically killing himself trying to get mine on. Then a regular customer and user happened by who said he had purchased a special tool that made it easier though still difficult. Between the two of them they eventually got the tire on, during which time I had some concerns about my rim. A few months later I had occasion to take the tire off the good wheel I had put it on and reinstall it on a less expensive wheel. Guess what? Following the the clear and simple picture instructions and using the simple tool, the tire came off and went on very easily. DUH! These other guys were trying to gorilla the thing on. Although it is definitely a tight fit, proper technique made it quite easy.

As for inflatable tires, if you go to Mavic's website they have recommended maximum inflations for their rims. Extreme overinflation can eventually damage a rim.
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