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Originally Posted by sa7nt View Post
Different manufacturers do indeed measure differently. You can't just go by the TT measurement from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have bikes from three different brands and two of them measure closely while I am a different size in the other. Your best bet is to invest in a professional fit and to compare different size frames from the same make/model if available.
Thanks for the reply. I rode a 60 cm trek on the initial model I was going to purchase and it felt comfortable. I'm not terribly worried as the shop is great to work with and I feel comfortable that if I wanted/needed a different frame size or even an entirely different model, they'd work with me. I didn't go through a "proper" fitting with them, or any shop for that matter. They initially put me on an FX hybrid and we estimated my size from the size of that bike. I trust this shops judgment but after learning about variances in brand measurements it has me doing research again haha.
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