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Bikes: Cannondale T700s and a few others

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Ok I have a couple weird ones.
84 Fuji Touring III "Lurch edition". While a 64cm T III is not all that rare, how many came with a what appears to be a factory 48 spoke rear wheel? The rims match and are the models listed for the bike. THe hub is a Specialized tandem.

The second is was I was told was a Raleigh from the widow of the original owner that bought the bike new in Oxford England where he is from. I am not even sure it is a Raleigh. The SN looks nothing like a Raleigh SN. I cant find a picture of any Raleigh frame that looks the exact same. Campy Drops, Very light so it is a 531 or better. The tops of the seat stays look like a Sports. The bike came with center pulls as it has a cable bridge like a super course. Has plain lugs with no windows and the rear brake cable is mounted on the top of the top tube like a 80's bike. Fork looks Raleigh and has a right side headlight bracket but I do no see any hints of Chrome on the forks or stays.
It sports high flange Campy record hubs and the front sports a concave weinmann that I believe to be original to the bike. Now most upper end Raleigh's of the late 70's early 80's came with low flange with 700c wheels (many with the Concave Weinmann). This bike wears 27's. It has a 600 Arabesque RD that dates mid 78 that I think may be original as are the Dallas bars on a Roto stem. I believe it was originally all white.

I assume the Campy NR seat post is original but I suspect the PO is responsible for the Drillium addition.

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