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I agree with what others have said, I use slime on my mtn bike (commute bike).
I also ride in the south bay, and this time of year there are goat head thorns on the road or path. Along my commute, there are stretches where I do not want to stop to fix a flat (not so safe). Using slime for the last 10 years, I've found that the goat head holes are patched by slime, and bigger holes are at least made to leak slower. So, at least I have been able to make it to either work or home to fix a flat after pumping the tire up and spinning the wheel while still on the road.
Now that I use slime and armadillo tires, no flats in the last year of commuting (about 7000 miles). Yes, slime makes it heavier and slower, but I'm already on a 55 lb mtn bike, so I'm used to slow. On a road bike, just get good tires and carry a patch kit and pump/inflator.
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