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Originally Posted by Ellong View Post
Wow nice, Where did you get the wheels and how much were they? How much of an upgrade is it?
I got them at City Grounds in Long Beach, cost me $500

Originally Posted by aMull View Post
And decided to go with a brakeless fixed gear?

Heh, nice gif hahaha. Well new, as in a sense of commuting I guess. I'm fairly confident in my stopping abilities and I never "mob" down hills or anything. I do plan on getting a front brake soon though, i've almost been plowed by a few cars that dont see me.

Originally Posted by hairnet View Post
how much does it weigh? You'll still burn cash on upgrades

try different gear combos. I have 46x19 now, I've used it to ride up most hills here except for this one 15% climb
Yeah I'm planning on picking up a few more cogs to play around with, and I dont have an exact weight on my bike, but i wouldnt say more then 16 pounds
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