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Originally Posted by dsh View Post
They look pretty cool. Don't you agree?

...though at that price, they're pretty heavy for a bike that is apparently focused on weight.
I guess I should make it clear that while I want to make my bike lighter (who doesn't?), I'm wouldn't say im too focused on weight. Its true that the Ellipses arent really that light at all, but they are lighter then most of the Deep V's out there. And yes they do look cool, the flat spokes are awesome looking! Cool factor is a huge factor of what I got them haha.

Originally Posted by xkillemallx16 View Post
Hmmm. The seat is way low, perhaps you got the wrong size?

It's great you have lights though, and foot retention. Good choice on the frame too, <3 mark v pros in white. A nice geared bike would weigh simularly for the price you paid. But if you're happy with it, then its worth the money.

I have adjust the seat about 1.5 inches higher since the photo was taken. The top tube is barely touching my crotch when standing, and my legs extend all the way straight when the pedals are at the bottom when I'm riding, im assuming that this is correct?

And yeah My calss gets out at 10, so lights are a must haha, i coudlnt imagine riding without the,. i guess I didnt do as much resaerch on road bieks as I could have, but I made my descision a good while ago and I guess i gotta live with my actions
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