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Originally Posted by TomLee View Post
I have adjust the seat about 1.5 inches higher since the photo was taken. The top tube is barely touching my crotch when standing, and my legs extend all the way straight when the pedals are at the bottom when I'm riding, im assuming that this is correct?

And yeah My calss gets out at 10, so lights are a must haha, i coudlnt imagine riding without the,. i guess I didnt do as much resaerch on road bieks as I could have, but I made my descision a good while ago and I guess i gotta live with my actions
They're called bladed spokes, and yeah, they are pretty cool.

The standover height shouldnt matter, but when your pedals are at the bottom of your stroke they should still have a slight bend to them, not entirely stretched out. Your decision was good, building your own bike teaches you lots about bikes.
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