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Originally Posted by John Montgomery View Post
Thanks for the replies -

I'm confused about one thing though; I'm still using the same hub, just threading on a new freewheel. So why would that change the dropout spacing? Do I need to add a spacer on the axle because the new freewheel will be wider?

I get how to do the spreading with the 2x4 but what's the DIY method for dropout alignment? I'm not dropping $60+ on the Park Tool!
Well, if you're putting on a wider freewheel, you're going to need an additional spacer on the drive side, plus re-dish the wheel to compensate for the extra space.

I've re-aligned dropouts with a big Crescent wrench: install wheel, look closely at mating surfaces of dropouts and axle nuts. Remove wheel, tweak dropouts until all surfaces are flat to one another. Lather, rinse, repeat. Shops have tools that do this in one step, but it's possible to get the same results if you're careful.
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