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"It will work" doesn't mean "It will work well"

So, after Frankensteining my triple to a double part by part, I'm finally down to all double specific parts, and even though for my Rear der (went from a dura ace to an ultegra) it meant "downgrading" it's working perfectly now.

What I learned? Just because something will "work" doesn't mean it will work "right". I had a triple, and went to a double, adjusted my triple fd to match the settings for the double, switched out my front shifters to a double set, and figured that would be it. Nope, chain dropping off in the front, rear shifting less the ideal, replaced the FD, with a double specific one, fixed all the issues on the front, the rear shifting was still far from as crisp as it had been. Switched the Rear to a short cage, now it's shifting nearly perfect.

It's amazing with bikes how much different "almost right" and "right" feel. I'm a do it yourself guy, and I fiddled with the adjuster on that RD for about a week, every ride it would feel ok for a while, but on the lower end of the shifting it would hesitate to go down AND up in those gears. I just couldn't figure it, now with the short cage, it's hopping down and up as soon as I hit the lever.

Just a quick thanks to all here who gave me the tips to get it running.

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