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declining bike facilities

My post is not about ChipSeal so I am putting it here...

Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
I think that the "door zone" issue is reasonably established as a "safety" issue (ie, it's suffices as a legal reason not to ride FRAP). "Must use" bicycle lane laws should have the "if it's safe to do so" exception.
Traffic circles have been springing up in our county, with bike-lane exits to the sidewalk. When I approach the circles, I move into the car lane, I can go through the circle at traffic speed much easier than I can ramp to the sidewalk and navigate the circle using crosswalks.

I am wondering if the 'bicycle exit' sign where the bike-lane ramps up to the sidewalk is a requirement or a suggestion.

For me it only comes up every month or 2, but a new traffic circle is sprouting near my house and it will soon become a twice-daily encounter.

ps-> maybe this is for A&S, in which case, nevermind.

I do tend to use facilities where they are unless unsafe like doorzone setups.
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