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Does a 'stronger economy' mean 'more cars on the road'?

I noticed that I do not feel good, as I am supposed to, when I hear that the economical results are improving and the economy gets stronger.

As many of us, especially those living in urban areas, know - the cities are turning into large garages with many consequent environmental troubles.

The obstacle to a better economy is the expensive oil. It is $29 per barrel now. Couple of years ago it was only $14. But for some reason, maybe instinctively, I want that it does not become cheaper.

I realize that a "weak economy" means layoffs for many people and resulting sad troubles. One day I may become one of them.

On the other hand I do not wish even more motorized traffic either. Because I would not like to live in a damaged environment.

Am I alone thinking like this? Am I a sort of a "strange fruit"? Or is it normal to not wish a "stronger economy"?
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