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I think it is a double standard to say people should not talk on the phone while driving, yet we all talk to our passengers in the car.

If you have an earphone/headset OR speakerphone that allows to focus on the road, then I don't see the difference between that and talking to someone in the car. If someone gets distracted by that, then they are just a menace and will cause a problem, regardless of wether they are talking on the phone or not.

The distraction comes first from looking for the right buttons to hit, then from trying to hold the phone up to your ear and drive. Your arm blocks your head movement, and you have to focus some of your attention on holding the phone up, etc.

That said, I bring a phone with me when I Cycle, but I hope it never rings. Cycling is an escape for me --- and I would have to break that escape to stop and talk on the phone, and I HATE stopping.

IMHO, of course.
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