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I think there is more to it than just the hands. Cellphones often have bad sound quality causing the brain to pay more attention to listening than usual. The lack of using body language causes the brain to focus more on how to say what the brain thinks to make sure that the other person understands. When talking to someone in the car (or two people on bikes) they can avoid talking during tight situations as opposed to someone on the other end of a cellphone. I have even misplaced things at my home while talking on the phone that took a while to find, but that might be just me .

I do have a cellphone with me while riding, and it is on, but I have it on a quiet setting so I usually won't hear it. I can check the phone when I stop. Of course, if I expected an urgent call I would have it on a louder setting. But I would never ride and talk, hands-free or not.

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