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Originally posted by Inkwolf
... the search goes on.
Inkwolf, there are many rocks on the beach, and also a few gems.

Amongst a bunch of Huffys and such at a thrift shop, I found an old Mongoose (from the days when Mongoose was not sold in department stores, but bike shops,) with the bike shop sticker still intact (some California shop.) $25.

Nothing wrong with this bike whatsoever. Hardly any needed adjustments. Bought it for my 6 year-old for when she got big enough.

Well, she rode it last weekend, no problem, even though it's still too big for her at 7 years old. She mastered the hand brakes and grip shifters instantly (but coming to a complete stop seems to be a case of Eval Knievel (sp?) "leaping off before dropping the bike" type of stop. )
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