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Originally Posted by constant mesh View Post
So back to the initial problem ...
Is it best to collapse the wheel entirely then start it from scratch? Or can I go spoke by spoke without taking it apart interily? I guess I should loosen all of the spokes completely, beforehand?T
While you can replace old spokes one-by-one with new spokes, it would take an impossibly long time and you risk damaging the new spokes by bending it too much to weave it through the other ones. Best to remove all the old spokes first by loosening all the nipples so there's no tension. Then cut them out with pliers and discard.

Then build up the wheel from scratch. Good on-line guide at Sheldon Brown's wheel building site. Be especially careful with the initial spokes, specfically the "key spoke". Also note that the holes in the hub are not opposite each other, but are offset by 50%. This makes a huge difference in how the 2nd spoke is laced after the key-spoke.

The Brandt book is also a great resource with some technical background as well.
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