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Originally Posted by Mr. Shadow
I took my new Epic to the park and did two short loops with my leashed dog trotting beside me.
Has anyone else done this. Any tips? She did pretty well and seemed to enjoy the quicker pace.
Train the dog to follow you and follow voice commands. Than no leash is necessary.

The nice thing about being out in the woods is that people really don't care that much.

I shall no prepare for the flack I'll get from uptite people who don't believe that you can train an animal to behave properly. And the nutcases who believe the presence of dogs will somehow harm ungulate populations when deer are rampant in subarbs with countless dogs and cars. And of course, the paranoid freaks who find encountering unteathered animals in natural settings apostasy. And of course the hypocrital equines who somehow think that they can really control a 1000# beast simply by attaching a bridle to it.
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