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Originally Posted by Killer B
Thank goodness for spell check, huh?
You're right Gazoo, what's wrong with coming face 2 face with someone walking their 6 RotinHellweiller's, who are eager & willing to protect their loyal Master....
What's wrong with encountering 5 hell spawn children throwing sticks into your wheels and rocks at your head.

It's all a matter of effect. One should not legislate to bad examples, but rather a sensible medium. Everyone is expected to behave on the trail, even you. Hold people to these standards and everything gets better. The alternative is to impose impractical and unenforceable bans that will simply be ignored.

Some places handle this with "dogs under voice command". That is, if you can't control your dog with commands, you shouldn't have him off leash. How do you tell, well the badly behaved dogs and people are the one's causing the problem.
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