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He was saying I should start shaving my legs. His logic is, if I crash the healing process goes much better with clean shaven legs
I have to disagree. The physiological process where blood coagulates is independent of either the nature of the injury or the amount of hair. In a large wound, there are 'tapes' that can be applied that contain an enzyme that partially help the clotting process to but all that does is to facilitate the natural process that takes place within a matter of seconds after the cut. The hairs themselves don't do anything, and on their own, I doubt they prevent anything 'foreign' getting into the wound as most contamination would result because of either impact penetration, or in the case of a slide, substantial tearing of a large area of the skin.

I think the shaven hair thing helping healing is possibly in the same league as the tapes worn on the nose by some athletes. Just my $0.02c worth.
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