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N+1. This is a test.

How bad do you have it? Would you go and get this bike?

I passed the test and didn't inquire, or did I fail?

In case the ad gets taken down, here's the text:

Old Rusty Bicycle (Cropsyville)

I have an Old Rusty Bike that may not even be ridable but I just don't know. It would be perfect to give to a snotty niece of nephew for their birthday (or save till christmas) just to watch the smile melt from their face as they tear the wrapping off this filthy second hand bicycle that looks like a halloween prop pulled from a lake. The tires will probably need some air but you can ride it like it is for an intense workout; so great for recently laid-off pound packing soccer moms looking for a free way to lose weight. Also, if you pick up this two wheeled heap by sunday I'll throw in a free steel helmet that appears to be worn by a vietman veteran. The helmet is in good shape, has no war scars or blood stains and may even be worth something and most certianly is worth more than the bike. And if worst comes to worst maybe you could have them melted down as scrap metal and make a few bucks. Opportunity knocks... will you just walk away when you could be ridin' away?
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